$ASH is a social currency backed by curated extinction.
The value, the utility and the identity of $ASH is balanced by its users.

$ASH is a fair launch token that started with 0 supply.
Liquidity Pools and Swaps are created by the community. (Uniswap)

$ASH can be mined by burning NFTs, bringing a dynamic balance to scarcity.
For every NFT you burn you make the rest rarer, favoring their collectors.

$ASH currently has 2 burn tiers where Pak NFTs yield more ash than others.
Both tiers follow the same bonding curve mechanism with different multipliers.

Pak NFTs tier curve starts with 1000 $ASH and others start with 2 $ASH yield.
Halving happens at 5M token supply impacting all burn tiers.

You can burn a token by clicking the token image.
You can also burn by providing an opensea link for the token.

to your MetaMask.

Enjoy 🔥